The Leading Designer & Manufacturer
of costume in the world


The Production Center is the pivotal department responsible for the production of all orders from our customers, with more than 1,000 employees. With advanced management concepts, the Production Center has been emphasizing on providing skill training for employees in different positions, and achieves the perfection and high-quality of every production by planning, organizing, coordinating and controlling the production process.
The Production Center stresses quality and effectiveness, and values “minimum rework to maximize efficiency” in the production process. The Production Center also maximizes efficiency and achieves the greatest profitability by providing employees with pre-production training and tapping their potential and making sure that each employee work to their strengths.


Equipped with different types of machinary and production equipment, the Production Center is capable of production of different forms and levels of complexity. Our production scope ranges from knitwear, swimwear to costumes with virtual and photoelectric effects. As we established the intelligent manufacturing assembly line with an annual production of 3 million pieces in 2017, EMF is now leading the “smart manufacturing” trend with significantly improved production efficiency.

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The Leading Designer & Manufacturer of costume in the world