The Leading Designer & Manufacturer
of costume in the world


EMF's design and R&D center provides not only original designs as an ODM, but also technical support and inspiration for top international designers. It is home to many of the most well-known products of our major customers, and also the service center providing customized solution to the needs of corporation branding. The center has a dream team putting out more than 1,000 new designs every year, a sample room with annual production capacity of XXXX pieces and XXX new fabrics. In the center, The team transforms an abstract inspiration sketch to a visual stunning design, through relentless brainstorming and improvement, through countless trial and error. This is the charm of the design and R&D center. Now our design and R&D center can provide services like concept development, sample development, fabric development, and packaging development, facilitating your promotion and business expansion by providing the latest ideas and designs.

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The Leading Designer & Manufacturer of costume in the world